When Piers Morgan enlisted cricketing superstar Kevin Pietersen to play his village team, he invited Caroline Bettaney to take photographs. He knows that she has an instinct for capturing the moment; even pictures that are painstakingly composed have a wonderful spontaneity.

Initially Bettaney's ambition was to be a painter, until she became involved in establishing a photographic picture agency. Surrounded by hundreds of images, she gradually realised that some were special - almost magical - they had an impact that lingered in the memory. There was a great deal more to them than a mere technical process. She had discovered and fallen deeply in love with photography as an art form, and decided to get behind the lens and study this affair of the heart. Her raw talent was nurtured by college lecturers, and powerfully influenced by photographers such as Jeanloup Sieff with his tireless quest to capture the fleeting beauty of the moment.

Bettaney left college, launching herself with her Hasselblad into the world of professional photographers, where competition is fierce. Her work soon attracted the attention of art directors on international magazines, and she developed a fulfilling career, sharing life with her husband, three children, two dogs and last but not least, her horse.

Caroline Bettaney: Corries Eye